What is Clarity Health Plans?

Clarity Health Plans is a team of transparent vendors who are working together to “pull the curtain back” on the great mystery of healthcare.

We Specialize

Clarity Health Plans specializes in Level-Funded and Self-Funded health insurance plans for employers with 10 or more employees. We utilize premier healthcare vendors to create plans uniquely tailored to each employer. To accomplish a truly transparent approach to healthcare, each vendor signs a transparent contract and all parties work in unison. 

A New Approach to Pharmacy Benefit Management

Clarity Health Plans disrupts the current model of health insurance by introducing members to Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM), allowing you to see the exact cost of your prescription drugs. Our goals are to reduce the cost of each prescription and utilize clinical oversight and employee education to reduce your plan’s total drug cost. Lower drug costs equal lower reinsurance costs.

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Fully Integrated Health Plan

We create a fiduciary relationship with each component of your health plan and remove the medical carrier from controlling your plan’s integration. With CHP, employers can offer a fully integrated health plan offering both reduced health care costs and improvements in employee health. This allows the employer to create a viable and sustainable healthcare plan and improve employee retention.

The Components of Clarity Health Plans

03Third Party Administrator
We have contracted with a state-of-the-art TPA whose only job is to pay claims accurately and timely
03Stop Loss Carriers
Contracted Stop Loss Carriers provide coverage to share risk for specific (individual) and aggregate (annual) claims
Cigna, PHCS, Aetna, and MultiPlan provide a network of doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies
03Pharmacy Benefit Manager
Clarity Health Plans integrates solely with pass-through Pharmacy Benefit Managers who charge administrative costs only. Our PBMs are also committed to passing all drug rebates back to the client, eliminating clawbacks, spread pricing, and give the client control of their own formulary design.

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03Pharmaceutical Analysis Group
Clarity Health Plans has exclusive access to a state-of-the-art drug analysis tool which exposes formulary manipulation

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