How It Works

In the world of healthcare, pharmacy is often the most complex and least understood part of our clients’ benefits packages. To solve the mystery, Clarity Health Plans focuses on new technology designed to “unmask” spread pricing, rebates, and repackaging costs that cause prescription costs and employer rates to rise at an alarming rate. 

How We Achieve the Most Savings for Our Clients…

We are committed to simplifying the common layers of expense:

  • Admin Fees
  • Reinsurance Fees
  • Costs for Claims Management
  • Network Fees
  • Prescription Fees

Plan of Action

03Engage and Analyze

Clarity Health Plans identifies, uncovers, and removes hidden charges in your healthcare plan.

Clarity Health Plans guides your company towards transparent partners to create a viable and sustainable healthcare plan.
03Look Forward
Enjoy healthcare plan anniversaries and the possibility of stable or lower costs, and consistent or better benefit plans.
Take Control of Your Healthcare Plan
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